FOSI is an incorporated non-profit organized exclusively for charitable educational, and scientific purposes as specified in Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.


The primary mission of Friends of Sofara International is to support the startup and running of Sofara International School, an internationally focused dual language school in Harlem that uses real world experience and exposure to unique and adventurous education in order to ensure there are no achievement gaps . Our work also includes support of other educational non-profits and programs that enrich the lives of children and women giving them the exceptional skills they need for future successes.


FOSI is proud to be the supporting arm for both the proposed Sofara International School and three distinct enrichment programs based in Upper Manhattan: Aerospace Passport Project; The Outer-Space Project; and The Global Leadership Institute. We provide experience and exposure to the out-of-the-ordinary thereby giving children and women a unique skill set for future success.

Education Projects

Aerospace Passport Project

Aviation is the central provocation for inquiry and exploration.

Expeditions and the real world are the classroom for learning about and solving aviation based challenges. Flight school and the skies are the path for each child to receive their personal pilot license.

The New York Metro Black Pilots Association is our inspirational partner in this endeavor.

The Outer-Space Project

Opening up the world to children, Outer – Space takes adventure learning seriously! Our students are launched into spaces with specially curated experiences and learning opportunities. Skiing, equestrian, flying/piloting, camping, arts and culture, international travel and more!

We are proud to collaborate with Kids Passport to Adventure to curate adventures.

Global Leadership Institute

FOSI is working with displaced Afghan women and Women on the Move, taking on the transformations needed to address the issues, and mitigate the impact, of resettlement and career and professional business advancement. Imagine if we capitalized on human talent and human passion by making sure everyone has a pathway to literacy, further education, the career of their dreams, economic self-sufficiency and civic engagement.

View the project HERE

FOSI is proud to collaborate with the Principals of CSR Space.